Advices in Pandemic CORONA | | Dr. Nasren Nipa

During this COVID 19 time, these steps may become important for everyone.

4 ways you can prevent to get the virus:

1. Physical distance, its 6 feet now and not 3 feet- the best option 

2. Hand wash- 10-15 times (soap and water is best) alcohol based -if u go out in case

3. Respiratory etiquette-cough at tissue or elbow

4. Environment cleaning

Some must to follow advices to prevent Corona are :

1. Use mask- it’s a must when you are outside, get sick or influenza like illness or taking care of sick person. Any cloth mask, bandana, scarf is more or less protective. If u want to use more exclusive, then you can use surgical mask.Do not use N95 or FFP2. These are respirator and not mask. U may get danger wearing it.

2. If u get out of home (food or medicine purpose) or emergency- Take mask, a pair of gloves,hand sanitizer, and wipes(sanitizing) and a garbage package.

3. Don’t worry too much whether virus got your cloth or not. Aerodynamics rules out the chance of virus getting your cloth. Virus doesn’t stay long in fabrics even it falls on cloth? It can stay long in steel and curdboard, so avoid touching those, don’t worry with shoe, it doesn’t last long and keep shoe out of door of home.

4. In market, use glass/sunglass, mask n gloves while taking things. Use wipes for mobile and parts (money bag) when you are using those. Any grocery, fruits, meats and fishes etc etc are usually safe and don’t worry too much with food items. Just wash in water is enough and hand wash after u get home and don’t touch ur face before handwash.

5. Use wipes for your car door, lift knob, and door knob /handle/computer/laptop/cell (these are more chance to have virus). Don’t worry with newspaper or other paper or book (virus usually solubilize quickly). Clean your environment as usual (with bleach).

6. Take nutritious food, but don’t overeat (fasting boost protection).Take fruits, vitamin C and D containing food or supplement, Zinc, do exercise, take deep breath, hot shower followed by cold shower (11 min hot followed by 4 min cold) and sleep 8 hrs at night.

All these improves your innate immunity which can help your protection from virus. Don’t get infodemic on COVID-19. (don’t do PhD on Covid-19 in facebook) Just watch one or two times in TV.

Give plenty time to family, play with your child with long inspiration. Smiles a lot and give fun post sometime (not always).

Be safe and be healthy. keep your dream intact. Dream for COVID -19 free Bangladesh… while you sleep or dream, we are working to make your dream success..


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